Some of the Conditions We Treat:

Compassionate, thoughtful and individualistic, Diana works with patients not only to render accurate diagnosis and treat the symptoms that challenge their well-being, but also to provide a supportive, positive and change-oriented experience that promotes growth and better health.

Some of the Treatments We Offer:

Patients can contact Diana 24 hours a day if needed for an emergency.

Tests We Utilize:

Each patient undergoes an extensive medical work up and testing to find the best diagnosis possible.

Doctor’s DataStool – Heavy MetalsNeurotransmitter Testing
DNA ConnexionsLyme Test
EsoterixISAC PanelAlpha 2 Antiplasma (2H2)APS Circle Panel 1-2-3Von Wilebrand Factor AntigenMTHFR (Folic Acid)Heparin Level (HEP Assay)
B2 GPIFactor V Leiden MutationHeparin Antibodies (HIT)
Fry LabsFull ProfileBio Film/ProtozonProtozon (FL1953)Bio FilmBartnella / Smear
GenevationsCardioGenomicDetoxiGenomicNeuroGenomicOsteoGenomicApoE Add-on
Geneva DiagnosticsCDSA 2.0Cellular EnergyEFA AnalysisHeavy Metals (Urine)NutrEval EvaluationSalvary Cortisol
Great Plains LaboratoriesMold Testing
Hakala LabUrine Iodine Spot Test
Igenex LabWestern Blot Complete Lyme Panel
Immuno LabImmuno – lgG Elisa SensitivityExtended IgE Food PanelIgE 36 Allergen Air & Food AlergyMilk/Egg Sub-FractionsAnti-Gliadin AntibodyTissue Transglutaminase Antibody
Immuno ScienceLyme TestCoinfection Test
Microbiology DXNasal CultureMARCoNS
MDLStool SwabLyme Test
Real Time LabUrine Mold Test

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Get a full-scale analysis of your health with extensive medical work up and testing.
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